Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Made to measure and personalised gloves- not as expensive as you may think!

Always fancied a pair of Made to Measure summer / race gloves? Made personally for your hands? With a choice of colours? And your name embroidered on the side?

Well now we can do that for you!

Check out racer Scott Smart's:

Motorcycle Gloves personalised from Held
Held wearing racer Scott Smart's personalised gloves
Or racer Gary Mason's:

Motorcycle Gloves personalised from Held
Racer Gary Mason's personalised Held gloves

How much?

The Made to Measures are available in the Held Titan and the Held Phantom Glove. The service is charged at the price of the glove + 30%, meaning you could have a pair of Made to Measure Phantoms, with your name on the side, and a choice of colours (any combo of Black, Blue, Green, White, Grey or Red) for just £54 extra!!

How do I go about it?

We can liaise with a Held Dealer to sort it out for you, and it's a real simple process to get a Bespoke, one-off pair of gloves:

* Contact us at  including your name and phone number,  and we'll help you through the process.

Then it'll be:

* Choose your gloves: Titan (RRP £229.99) or Phantom (RRP £179.99) 

* Choose your colour scheme (Within reason! Yellow, green, red, black, blue, grey, white... etc!)  

* Choose your lettering / numbers (Bear in mind the space available on the glove- 10 characters max - so if your name is Sokratis Papastathopoulos you'll have to abbreviate!) 

* Draw neatly round your hand on a sheet of A4 (like you did when you were a nipper) to just below the wrist joint

Re-live a childhood moment- the hand drawing!

Just what we need!

* Photo-copy your palm and the back of your hand (tip: put a tea-towel over your hand so as not to allow the light in as the copier lid won't close properly on your hand!)


How long does it take?

Around 6 weeks from the day we receive your information and measurements!

So why not treat yourself! Drop us a line at

For more information on Held in the UK please visit


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