Tuesday, 2 July 2013

JPS Norton replicas in the pipeline

Peter Williams to build the JPS Norton
JPS Norton, time to raid the piggy bank

Forty years after winning the 1973 F750 TT, Peter Williams is to build 25 replicas of his winning JPS Norton. The legendary motorcycle development engineer and former dealer who introduced the first viable cast wheels, disc brakes and beam frames to racing, has put a price tag of £65,000 on the replicas.

The engines are to be built by renowned Northampton Norton specialist Mick Hemmings, using all new parts, including Williams’ own design cams. Only four of the original JPS Nortons were built and these are now valued in excess of £250,000 which, says Williams, puts the replica price into perspective.

Williams said the project will be used to raise working capital for the development of a new model with a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. He produced the first prototype in conjunction with Lotus and development is underway for low volume production. For more information tel 01327 220534; info@peterwilliamsmotorcycles.com

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