Thursday, 5 June 2014

Held Titan Gloves- as worn by Gary Johnson, 2014 TT

Held Titan Gloves are probably the best gloves you can buy for track (and road!) use. Held gloves have won numerous awards, including 'best gloves' for many years on the trot from Motorrad Magazine, Europe's biggest selling motorcycling magazine. 

This very week Gary Johnson wore Held Titan Gloves when he won the Isle of Man Supersport TT on his Smiths Triumph. Gary was also wearing Held Titan Gloves when he had his crash at Ramsey Hairpin. Gaz is ok, a couple of broken bones. We were delighted to hear from him the next day, and in the Tweet (below) in which he described his Held gloves as 'unreal'. Thanks Gaz!

Held make the best motorcycle gloves
Held Titan Glove and Gary Johnson's Tweet
The Held Titan gloves are not cheap- RRP £249.99, but they simply are the best protection for your hands! If you do have an 'off', you'd probably want to be in the best gloves...

Here's the spec:

-Highly abrasion resistant Kangaroo leather outer, colour fast and sweat proof
-Step seam construction to avoid pressure points and improve the 'feel' of the road
-Pre-formed crumple free palm
-Tunnel strap for a more comfortable wrist adjustment
-Visor wiper
-Carbon/GRP shells to protect side of hands and knuckles
-Knuckle shell with KEVLAR (branded fibre) ceramic polymer matrix coating
-Highly abrasion resistant Sting Ray leather panels backed with shock absorbing gel pads
-SUPROTECT special shock absorbing foam back and thumb
-Back, thumb, little and ring finger fully protected with KEVLAR

Here's some info:

The new Titan motorcycle racing gloves overcome the competition by fitting better, "outstanding" protection, excellent dexterity and a direct feel for the bike and road.

Titanium covered Carbon-fibre knuckle shells: The Carbon-Aramid shells are covered in Titanium for the best protection.

Side of hand reinforcement: Carbon-fibre shells with Sting Ray leather reinforcements keep your sides protected. 

Sting Ray leather innovation: Ball of thumb and knuckles are protected with highly abrasion resistant leather made from Sting Ray skins. These are backed with shock absorbing pads to ensure that a falling rider slides more easily and with less chance of fractured limbs.

Held make the best motorcycle gloves
Gary Johnson, IOM TT winner, using the visor wipe at 153mph!
 Safe construction: One of the most vulnerable parts of our hands are the little fingers which easily twist in an accident; As a result the Titan protects the little and the ring finger with KEVLAR all round and finger sleeves are slightly joined to reduce the risk of twisting (finger bridge).

Comfort all round: HELD use step seam machines when making the Titan gloves; Step seams mean there is no inner welt to the seam which creates a flatter surface with fewer pressure and abrasion points. And that gives you greater comfort and better control! In Europe, only HELD have the machinery to manufacture gloves with step seams. Real grip, astonishing control, amazing protection.

To see more about Held in the UK, and a list of UK Held retailers, please visit

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