Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Held Tonale Winter Gloves- Add a heat pad for extra oomph!

For just £104.99 you could be the proud owner of a pair of Held Tonale Gore-Tex Winter Gloves and hence a pair of warm hands too. The unique feature of these gloves is the pouch for the strategic placing of a 're-chargeable' heat pad. These are mens gloves, for the ladies there are the very similar 'Johna' at £114.99.

Held make the best Winter motorcycle gloves
Held Tonale Winter Gloves
• Waterproof through Gore-Tex
• Prepared for Held reusable heat pads
• Thermoplush fleece lining
• Knuckle armour

Held make the best Winter motorcycle gloves
Beautiful Goatskin Palm

Two things make the Held Tonale Winter Motorcycle Gloves stand out: First, they are great winter gloves with a softer construction than the Held Arctic or Cold Champ. So, if you prefer a comfier feel in your winter gloves but you will not do away with Gore-Tex, these are great value. Second, and more importantly: These biking gloves come with a pocket in the lower cuff; Fit a re-usable Held heat pad into that pocket, and you WILL stay warmer and your hands stay nimble. Why? On the underside of your wrist your blood-flow is closest to the skin: That is where you cool down the fastest, or where external heat can maintain a comfortable temperature the most easily. Brilliant science in action!

These gloves are used for a commute of 50 miles by Motorcycle Monthly and MoreBikes editor John Milbank!

To see more about Held in the UK and our online catalogue please visit www.held-uk.co.uk

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