Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Held's Cool Dry Shirt

I've never tried 'temperature regulating' T-Shirts until now. In the past just regular T-shirts have sufficed, and been peeled off after many rides with the customary sweaty patches. Nice...

So, enter the Held Cool Dry T-shirt. Supposed to keep you warm in Winter and cool n' dry in Summer. RRP £18.99 (Polo version £24.99).

Held make the best motorcycle clothing
Enjoying the sun in the Held Cool Dry T-Shirt
I first tried the shirt out a few weeks ago when the weather was chilly. Under a hoodie. The really spooky thing was as soon as I put it on it felt warm- as it's supposed to do. Popping a hoodie on top it continued to feel warmer than a normal T-Shirt. I guess it must be able to use the body heat in a way that's more efficient than cotton.

Held make the best quality motorcycle gear
Nice design with the Held logo on the side
Next test was riding in the sun over the last few days. OK, we still haven't reached the dizzy temperature heights of the English Summer, but it was warm enough with the black Held Sixty-Six jacket on and the Held Cool Dry T-Shirt underneath. So far so good- no sweaty patches and felt nice and comfortable all afternoon. 

Held make the best motorcycle clothing
The Held Cool Dry T-Shirt rear view
It's extremely comfortable to lounge around in too. Will keep you posted when (if!!) the temperatures sore ;) The T-Shirt is Cool-Dry material (100% polyester) and comes in sizes S to 3XL. It offers maximum breathability and it's main job is to regulate your body temperature.

You can check it out on page 150 of our online catalogue

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