Thursday, 14 May 2015

Michael Dunlop's Held gloves

We're delighted that Michael Dunlop is wearing Held gloves and Held body protection for the 2015 racing season, including the NW200 and the Isle of Man TT. 

We've made the following available to Michael- Held Titan Evo, Held Chikara Pro and Held Kashiro gloves. 

Michael has chosen the Kashiro for practice so far, perhaps bedding in the Titans- or maybe he's preferring the Kashiro.. We'll have to wait and see!

Here's the Held Kashiro- RRP £169.99:

Held make the best motorcycle gloves
Held Kashiro, as worn by Michael Dunlop
• Highly abrasion-resistant leather sport tour gloves
• KEVLAR& DuPont COOLMAX lined back: Protected
• Step seam avoids pressure points & enhances feel

An awesomely protective sport tour motorcycle glove! It's top marks in the looks department with these motorcycle gloves called the Kashiro. Available in a range of colours, to suit your bike, these gloves blend the protection from sport gloves and the understated design of tour gloves.

Michael Dunlop wears held motorcycle gloves
Held Kashiro motorcycle gloves- also in red, white, black

In terms of protection, there's plenty: The outer is highly abrasion resistant and you've also got some hard external knuckle armour. The glove heavily features SUPERFABRIC reinforcements in areas such as the fingers and side of the hand to offer further abrasion resistance in the event of a slide.

As well as being protective, these motorcycle gloves also have plenty of features to keep you comfortable for everyday riding. The Boa adjuster (just turn the dial to get the fit you need!) means that you can get a personalised and comfortable fit, ideal to keep the elements out and it is paramount in safety so that the gloves don't slip and slide as you ride. A special step seam also helps avoid pressure points on the inner hand and enhances feel.

An awesome pair of gloves that would be great to wear on all of your bikes - if you're lucky enough to have more than one!

Michael Dunlop wears Held gloves
Held Kashiro Motorcycle gloves in black

Technical information

Outer Shell:
• Highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather
• Colourfast & sweat-proof
KEVLAR& DuPont COOLMAX lined back
• Special step seam avoids pressure points on inner hand & enhances feel
• Tunnel strap
• Visor wipe
• Elasticated leather panels on back, thumb & fingers
• Hard plastic knuckle protection
• Side of hand covered with hard plastic & reinforced with SUPERFABRIC(32% polyester, 68% epoxide resin)
• SUPERFABRIC reinforcement on edge of hand
• Little, middle & ring finger reinforced with SUPERFABRIC brand material

• BOA adjusters

To see more about Held in the UK, an online catalogue and a list of stockists please visit

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