Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Held Racer Report: Zoek Racing at Snetterton

The two Zoek Racing riders Sean Neary from Lymm in Cheshire and Craig Currie from Newark in Nottinghamshire were at Snetterton in Norfolk for a round of the Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup at the weekend where Neary recorded a brace of fourth places and Currie a brace of 11th in the two 10 lap races.

Sean Neary was struggling with set up at the 2.9 mile Norfolk circuit during free practice but managed to qualify for a second row start to race one. As the lights went out Neary got away to a good, clean start and was third into turn one. He was challenging for second place from the start and on lap two he shot up the inside of Josh Day to secure second place. He then set his sights on Joe Collier who was half a second away in the lead but although he got within a whisker of him he was unable to make a move on him. He began to lose ground and fell back into the clutches of Rob Guiver who managed to overtake him on lap six of 10. The top four riders pulled clear of the pursuing pack but as the race progressed Neary was caught and passed by Josh Day on the penultimate lap. Although not able to match the pace of Day the Cheshire rider crossed the finish line in a strong fourth place, some 11 seconds ahead of Jonathan Railton who was fifth.

Zoek Racing's Sean Neary

 Neary said: “We made a massive gamble with set up for the first race which didn’t quite pay off. We were competitive and up there with the leaders but not quite able to get ahead. We will tweak the settings again for race two and see where we get to.”

As the second race got underway Neary settled into fourth place and although the top two riders pulled clear Neary was edging nearer to Josh Day to fight for third place. He was almost alongside him and ready to make his move when the red flag came out to halt his progress. As two thirds distance had been completed a result was declared at six laps and Neary was once again awarded fourth place. Although disappointed not to have made it up onto the podium the 26 points accrued at Snetterton move him up the rider standings to seventh place on 55 points.

Meanwhile Craig Currie started the first race from a fourth row grid position and was running in 15th through the first two laps. He overtook Jon Waghorn on lap thee and two laps later passed Louis Dawson to move into 13th position where he remained to the chequered flag. However a rider ahead was given a penalty for overtaking under a yellow flag and was penalised one position which elevated Currie to 12th place. There was also one rider ahead in a different class thus Currie was again elevated to 11th.

Zoek Racing's Craig Currie

Lining up for the second race on the fourth row Currie again completed the first few laps in 15th place before beginning his move forward. But when the race was red flagged and the result declared he was awarded 13th place. This time two riders in the other class were ahead and so he was promoted to 11th once again. Currie is now in 10th place in the rider standings on 40 points.

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