Thursday, 19 November 2015

Held Onesies!

It's fair to say that we've had a LOT of interest this week in our Held Onesie Competition, and where they are available from etc.

Held make the best motorcycle gear
Held Onesies! 100% cotton, based on the 'Slade' race suit. RRP £66.99 (adult) £58.99 (youth) £41.99 (kids)
Here's the deal at the moment:

These were not actually supposed to come out until next year, but we've managed to pull out all the stops and fingers crossed a batch of adult-sized ones will be ready before Xmas- just! (The rest to follow early in the new year). 

No guarantees on that one though. It may be just after. They are however worth waiting for, and to all those that get ££s for Xmas here's a great idea for what to buy!! They are available, on a PRE-ORDER Basis from Held retailers GetGeared AND MotoCentral. Links: AND

Held make the best bike gear
Held Onesies! 100% cotton, based on the 'Slade' race suit. RRP £66.99 (adult) £58.99 (youth) £41.99 (kids)
Here's the official word on what they're like:

• Held motorcycle onesie: The perfect gift choice
• 100% cotton with quality badges & detailing
• Two pockets with an integrated hood for the perfect look

The quality you'd expect from Held: These onesies are proper. They're great quality and make the perfect gift for any motorcyclist. When you're fed up of buying them more gear for their bike, a onesie is the perfect solution. The badges and detailing is much better quality than you'd find on many high-street onesies and come on, they just look awesome. Nothing better for lounging around at home in, watching the racing in, etc!!

Here's those links again:


AND NOW: Links are up from MotoCentral too to pre-order kids / youth sizes:

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