Friday, 8 January 2016

Held 2in1 gloves- the facts

GORE-TEX 2IN1 TECHNOLOGY: Held 2in1 Gloves

Summer - 1 glove – 2 options!

Held make the best motorcycle gloves

GORE-TEX® glove with + Gore 2in1 System offers a quick and simple changes between 2 separate hand chambers; guaranteeing you protection against rain and sweat while providing the most tactile grip possible. The optimal solution for sunny and inconsistent weather conditions.

In the moisture "dry" chamber

Optimum comfort via use of GORE-TEX® ultimate tactility, water/windproof and breathable. 

In the grip "breezy" chamber

This chamber is unlined and offers a high tactility as well optimal ventilation.


  • Optimum comfort in different weather conditions, whether in rain or at sunshine
  • Optimum protection against moisture when using the moisture chamber or ultimate breathability and comfort for riding in high temperatures when using the grip chamber
  • Durable waterproof, windproof and highly breathable in the wetness chamber
  • High tactility and ventilation in the grip chamber

Winter - 1 glove – 2 options!

Held make the best motorcycle gloves

GORE-TEX® gloves with the + Gore 2in1 winter technology present a quick and easy change between chamber "warm" and chamber "grip" meaning between cold and rain and also between rain and a tactile grip. The glove is an ideal partner for trips with rainy weather and/or cold conditions.

"Warm" chamber insulation

Ideal isolation by Primaloft thermal lining, ideal for cold conditions.

"Grip" chamber

Due to the innovative layer construction of the + Gore grip technology, this chamber offers ideal tactility and optimal grip.


  • ideal comfort in different conditions, whether cold, rain or snow
  • ideal protection against rain, durable waterproof, draftproof and highly breathable by GORE-TEX® technology
  • high tactility in the "grip" chamber

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