Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It's our Birthday! (And we've got a superb competition on!)

Held has been in business for 70 years this year- it's our Birthday! To celebrate we're running, in conjunction with Held HQ in Germany, a competition with oodles of prizes! 

So, 70 prizes worth 70,000 Euros! The first prize is to be a stunning BMW custom made motorcycle, put together by those talented chaps at Wunderlich. 

Check out the prize list here

What does it look like? That's the key question- each week choices of colours, seat styles etc are appearing on Held HQ's Facebook page and you can vote on what you'd like to see. So, truly a bike designed by bikers for bikers! You can vote for the current bike 'part' - by clicking here

Held make the best motorcycle clothing and accessories
The state of the build at the moment- being built by votes from bikers!
How do you enter? Very simply you can enter the free raffle by visiting any participating Held dealer in the UK. The list of current dealers that are participating, and this list will keep on growing, is located here. No purchase is necessary. Or you can simply email your name to us directly here

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