Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Order a made-to-measure leather suit and get a FREE HELD TRAVEL BOX


Winter Promotion till 30th November 2017

Full-Speed / Slade made-to-measure suit.

Create & order your tailor-made leather suit and get a great gift as a free thank you!

For each Full-Speed or Slade made-to-measure suit ordered by your Held retailer during the promotion period, you will receive a travel box (item 4692) free of charge.

Create and configure your own leather suit according to your exact look, specification and measurements!

The philosophy of Held – Always offer the customer the perfect product. Standard suit sizes can't always provide an optimal and therefore safe fit. Our Made to Measure service provides the opportunity for the perfect fit and ultimate protection for you.

Especially with leather suits, it is extremely important to have a perfect fit. Your suit needs to be comfortable, but also needs to provide a snug fit and it is imperative that external hard shells and internal protectors are in exactly the right place so as not to cause any pressure points. Only this way can your suit guarantee you the maximum protection.

  • handmade in Italy / Hungary
  • exact fitting
  • individual design
  • innovative hardshells
  • innovative protectors for neck, coccyx, chest, hip and ribs

Your custom made suit is a handcrafted and unique item, delivering each of your requirements, imaginations and colour wishes to create the optimal combination between rider and bike.

To offer you a suit just like a "second skin" we tailor your individual leather suit exactly to your needs and wishes.

How it works:

-Create your suit here (scroll down after clicking)
-Follow the instructions to send us the request

This is a great offer- go and check out the configurator and see what you can create!

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